June 1, 2023
September 11, 2023
Genomate Health Partners with DiMe Society

Genomate Health Partners with DiMe Society to Improve Equity and Reduce Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care and Research

Press release: Cambridge, MA, 6 May 2023

Genomate is thrilled to partner with DiMe (the Digital Medicine Society) on their initiative to advance digital innovation in oncology by addressing pressing challenges in cancer care and research. This partnership aims to leverage the expertise of both organizations to improve, automate, and democratize precision oncology. By partnering with organizations like DiMe and other stakeholders in the field, we are committed to developing and implementing digital solutions that promote equity and address financial toxicity and disparities in cancer care and research.

Cancer is a disease that affects everyone, but not everyone is affected equally. We recognize that many social structures and practices can limit a person's access to the health care they need to prevent, treat, and survive cancer. We understand that these disparities can have a significant impact on cancer patients and their families and that addressing these issues is crucial to improving cancer outcomes for all patients. Every patient deserves access to personalized, effective, and efficient cancer treatments, and disparities in cancer care and research are significant barriers to achieving this goal. 

By focusing on developing the right digital products and strategies to reduce disparities in cancer care, we can help ensure that every patient has access to the best possible cancer treatment based on their individual molecular profile, regardless of their background or circumstances. Together we can accelerate the pace of innovation in cancer research and treatment and help ensure that digital innovation in cancer care is designed to deliver the greatest good for all. Our commitment alines with that of the DiMe initiative: to make a meaningful impact in the lives of cancer patients and their families. 

We look forward to contributing our expertise in precision oncology and working with other stakeholders in the field to close the financial toxicity gap for all cancer patients.

About Genomate Health: Genomate Health Inc. is a digital health company (based in Cambridge, MA) that develops AI-powered computational tools for personalized medicine. Its main focus is assisting physicians in making optimal personalized treatment decisions for each patient based on the complex molecular characteristics of human diseases.

Its flagship product, Genomate® MTC (Molecular Treatment Calculator), is a powerful computational (open box AI) tool aiming to optimize treatment decision-making in precision oncology by automated data compilation, evaluation, and synthesis in a knowledge model allowing standardized, personalized treatment decisions based on the totality of available molecular information. The company’s goal is to make this solution globally available to cancer patients and their oncologists in 2023. For more information, visit www.genomate.health

About DiMe Society: DiMe is a global non-profit and the professional home for all members of the digital medicine community. Together, we tackle the toughest digital medicine challenges, develop clinical-quality resources on a tech timeline, and deliver these actionable resources to the field via open-source channels and educational programs. For more information about DiMe and to view their work, please visit www.dimesociety.org