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Mask for Genomate HealthGenomate - the world’s first AI-powered clinical decision support that matches targeted therapies to the totality of available molecular information for each patient
The Genomate Promise
We are committed to delivering on our promise of personalized cancer treatment by:

・offering optimal targeted therapy based on your cancer’s unique molecular profile
・employing over 34,000 algorithm rules to ensure the most accurate drug recommendations
・providing transparent and unbiased drug treatment decisions supported by clinical trial data

Personalized cancer treatments that target the drivers of cancer lead to more effective treatment sooner, with fewer side effects and better outcomes for the patient.
Personalized Precision: Genomate's Impact
Genomate takes the guesswork out of it trying to select which drug you’d best respond to   by ranking drugs based on your cancer’s unique molecular profile and the drugs mechanism of action. By analyzing the molecular signature of the tumor  and matching it with all possible drugs, you only receive the drug  that will provide you the best chance of a positive outcome.

The power of Genomate has already transformed the lives of countless cancer patients by offering personalized therapy options that are more effective and have fewer side effects.
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