April 13, 2024
Genomate Health Graduates from Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate

We are thrilled to announce that Genomate Health Inc. has successfully completed the prestigious Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate 20-week accelerator program. This milestone marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize precision medicine and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate, renowned for its commitment to fostering innovation in healthcare, celebrated the graduation of nine innovative health tech startups, including Genomate Health, during a special event held on March 28 in Eagan, Minnesota. Each company presented its progress and outcomes from the rigorous accelerator program, offering a glimpse into the future of medicine. We are immensely proud to be among the distinguished cohort.

"It's with immense pride that we celebrate the nine graduate companies from our latest cohort. Their remarkable dedication, resilience and achievements have truly set a new standard. We are excited to keep championing their journey as they advance patient care globally," says Jamie Sundsbak, senior manager of the Accelerate program.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate offers startups a unique opportunity to validate and enhance their artificial intelligence-driven solutions in alignment with healthcare industry standards. The partnership with the Mayo Clinic Platform has provided us with invaluable resources and expertise to further refine and validate our technology, ultimately accelerating our mission to empower physicians with actionable insights for improved patient outcomes.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate cohort 4 official photo

"Our journey through the Mayo Clinic Platform_Accelerate program has been nothing short of transformative," says Istvan Petak, MD, PhD, CEO and Founder of Genomate Health Inc. "The program's emphasis on validation and clinical readiness, combined with access to Mayo Clinic's expertise across regulatory, clinical, technology, and business domains, has been invaluable in refining Genomate™ - our computation reasoning AI model personalized for each patient."

Genomate Health specializes in developing AI-powered computational tools for personalized medicine, with a primary focus on assisting physicians in making optimal personalized treatment decisions for each patient. Our flagship product, Genomate™, is the world’s first AI-powered clinical decision support solution that matches targeted therapies to the totality of available molecular information for each patient. Unlike traditional approaches that focus on individual mutations or biomarkers, Genomate™ takes a holistic approach by considering 100% of each cancer mutation simultaneously. The result is presented as a comprehensive, data-backed report that guides oncologists and patients toward the most effective treatment. 

By tailoring treatment recommendations based on the underlying molecular characteristics of the cancer, Genomate™ offers several key benefits:

  1. Improves therapeutic outcomes: By analyzing 100% of each cancer's mutations simultaneously, Genomate™ can provide highly personalized treatment recommendations tailored to each patient's unique molecular profile. This approach ensures that patients receive the most effective therapies based on their specific genetic makeup, leading to improved treatment responses and better clinical outcomes. By optimizing treatment selection, Genomate™ helps maximize the chances of successful treatment outcomes and enhances patient survival rates.
  1. Reduces unpleasant side effects: Traditional cancer treatments often come with significant side effects that can impact patients' quality of life and overall well-being. However, by leveraging comprehensive genomic data and advanced AI algorithms, Genomate™ can identify more precise and targeted therapies, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions and unpleasant side effects. This personalized approach to treatment selection helps optimize patient care by reducing the likelihood of unnecessary toxicity and discomfort associated with conventional treatments, leading to a better overall treatment experience for patients.
  1. Cuts down healthcare costs: By guiding physicians towards more effective and efficient treatment options, Genomate™ can help streamline patient care pathways, reduce the need for trial-and-error approaches, and minimize the use of expensive treatments that may not be effective. This targeted approach to treatment selection can lead to significant cost savings by optimizing resource allocation, reducing hospitalization rates, and minimizing the need for additional interventions or supportive care services. Ultimately, by improving treatment efficacy and efficiency, Genomate™ contributes to more cost-effective and sustainable healthcare delivery, benefiting both patients and healthcare systems alike.

As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we remain committed to driving innovation in clinical practices around the world. Medical institutions, oncologists, and patients alike can now take advantage of this cutting-edge technology to improve therapeutic outcomes, reduce side effects, and ultimately, save lives. To experience the power of Genomate™ firsthand, we invite you to get in touch or request a Genomate™ report. Together, let’s pave the way toward a future where every cancer patient receives the right drug. The first time. Every time.™