June 1, 2023
September 11, 2023
npj Precision Oncology: Prioritizing targeted therapies in precision oncology

The “A computational method for prioritizing targeted therapies in precision oncology: performance analysis in the SHIVA01 trial” published in the npj Precision Oncology journal presents a novel computational method to prioritize targeted therapies in precision oncology. The study was conducted using the SHIVA01 trial, which is a phase II randomized trial that evaluated the efficacy of targeted therapies in patients with advanced cancer.

The authors developed a computational method that uses gene expression data to identify potential drug targets and predict patient response to treatment. The method was validated using data from the SHIVA01 trial, and the results showed that it was effective in identifying patients who were more likely to benefit from targeted therapies.

The study found that patients who received targeted therapies that were prioritized using the computational method had a higher response rate and longer progression-free survival compared to those who received non-prioritized therapies. Additionally, the method was able to identify potential drug targets that were not previously considered in the trial.

The key takeaways from this article are:

The authors conclude that the computational method presented in the study, the technology behind Genomate, can be used to prioritize targeted therapies in precision oncology and improve patient outcomes. The method has the potential to be applied to other clinical trials and can help identify new drug targets for cancer treatment.

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